It is the main online place for communication, offering and requesting solutions of different stakeholders who want to influence changes in the direction of preservation and protection of the sea using advanced technologies, especially underwater robotics and sensorics.

Innovamare platform members are experts from the innovation and business ecosystem: companies, innovators, researchers, research and development institutions, solution providers in underwater robotics and sensors. Also, the users are stakeholders seeking or in need of solutions from the domain of underwater robotics and sensors: local and regional government, marinas, national parks. The members are also finance institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds.

The Innovamare platform is a place for networking, creating visibility and gaining knowledge. It is a unique approach for collaboration and cooperation of key stakeholders in maritime technologies. The main purpose of Innovamare platform is to support the creation, development and maintenance of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and the central point for the realization and organization of services within the digital innovation hub (DIH) for underwater robotics and sensorics.

The European Commission defines Digital Innovation Hubs as one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. They are based upon technology infrastructure (Competence Centre - CC) and provide access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support their customers with piloting, testing and experimenting with digital innovations. DIHs also provide business and financing support to implement these innovations, if needed across the value chain.