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1 year of implementation 1.7.2020.-30.6.2021.

Basic information:

  • START DATE: 01.07.2020
  • END DATE: 31.12.2022
  • TOTAL BUDGET: € 5.555.755,45
  • PARTNERS: 14 Partners from Croatia and Italy

Produced deliverables: 31*

WP 1: 14

As our first activity we organized the Kick-off meeting where the Steering committee was established. During the project implementation period, we started our start-up activities and day-to-day project management activities, which included production and delivery all documents, that will be useful as guidance for PPs during the project implementation period. Also, we organized continuously project consortium meetings.

We continuously submit reports about project implementation to the Managing authority (MA) on a 3-month basis and on a semi-annual basis (Progress report).

List of Deliverables:

  • D 1.1.1.Partnership agreement
  • D1.1.2.Project management tool implementation
  • D1.2.1. Management Handbook
  • D1.2.2. Project Managemet Plan (PMP)
  • D1.3.1.Activities progress reports 1
  • D1.3.2.Monitoring report 1
  • D1.3.2.Monitoring report 2
  • D1.3.2.Monitoring report 3
  • D1.3.3. Quality Implementation Manual (QIM)
  • D1.3.4. Evaluation Reports 1
  • D1.3.5. Minutes of the 2nd SCOM in Trieste
  • D1.3.6. Minutes of the 3rd SCOM in Trieste
  • D1.4.1.Monitoring tool
  • D1.4.2. Financial Reports (FR) & Payment Claims (PC) 1

WP 2: 10

As a part of our project promotion, project partners have been present at the public events and continuously publishing information on project activities on official web pages and on social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) concerning the project. There is also a website which is also in use, through which we inform all interested parties about the activities on the project. It is also one of the main tools for disseminating and promoting project objectives. Target groups such as SMEs, general public, universities.

We also participated in other events where we promoted the InnovaMare project like webinar: “Preservation of Natural resources, Innovation and Robotics for the development of the economy in the Adriatic-Ionian Region”

List of Deliverables:

  • D2.1.1.Communication strategy
  • D2.1.2.Minutes of the 1st SC meeting and Kick-off meeting
  • D2.2.3. Social Media Marketing reports 1
  • D2.2.3. Social Media Marketing reports 2
  • D2.2.3. Social Media Marketing reports 3
  • D2.3.3.Communication toolkit
  • D2.3.4. Multimedia tools
  • D2.3.5. Support materials
  • D2.4.1. Innovations summit report
  • D2.4.2. Reports on 1stBTS

WP 3: 5

As a further implementation of the project we made a methodology and created a tool important for creation of the map of excellence as a part of the output Developed strategy and action plan for the enhancement of framework conditions for raising collaboration and networking in the field of robotics and sensors. We had also interviewed stakeholders that they in order to get information about ecosystem of InnovaMare. Through research and analysis of key innovation players on cross-border level and its capacities, we developed a map of excellence and used it for policy stakeholders’ dialogue as a start for building strategic capacity for enhancing framework conditions. Based on this and through two policy roundtables we created policy recommendations.

List of deliverables:

  • D3.1.1.Mapping guidlines and tools for map of excellence
  • D.3.2.1.Designed and implemented questionnaire for stakeholders
  • D3.2.2. Final report (position paper)
  • D3.3.1. Roundables with policy makers report
  • D3.3.2. Policy recommendation paper

WP 4: 1

We created the tool for the interviews through which we found out about technology offer and technology request. We organized and conducted the interviews with detected stakeholders regarding the technology offer and technology request as a part of creating and establishing cross-border model of innovation ecosystem in underwater robotics and sensors. We have also started with the activities concerning the organisation of development of a cross-border interactive web network MAiROS platform and developing an education and capacity-building program for DIH through holding a series of workshops for capacity building on the topics of intellectual property, new business models, innovation ecosystem.

List of deliverables:

  • D4.1.1. Developed tool for technology offer and technology request

WP 5: 1

We organized Living Lab (LL) online training on which all partners participated and give its comments and suggestions regarding the creation of the LL methodology. We also had a Marine robotic and sensor solution web meeting and organized design thinking workshop.

List of deliverables:

  • D5.1.1.Living Lab methodology

EVENTS and Workshops: 15

  • 2 Roundtables with policymakers
  • 3 SCOM meetings
  • 3 workshop models
  • 1 web training for Living lab
  • 3 public events
  • 1 meeting regarding on the topic: Marine robotic and sensor solution
  • 2 Design thinking workshops

Detected and involved stakeholders during the InnovaMare implementation: 373 stakeholders

Number of companies: 167

  • 125 Croatian
  • 42 Italian

Scientific sector: 102

  • 77 Croatian
  • 25 Italian

Financial organizations: 10

Public bodies: 28

  • 20 Croatian
  • 8 Italian

Regional development agencies: 16

  • 9 Croatian
  • 7 Italian

Clusters and Business supporting organizations: 14 (all Croatian)

Incubators, technology park & other: 9 (all Croatian)

NGOs: 12

National parks: 5

Ports: 10

  • 6 Croatian
  • 4 Italian

Collaboration with other projects:

InnovaMare i and SUSHI DROP organized round table/conference Innovative Solutions for the Sustainability of the Adriatic Sea

InnovaMare’s participation in other projects and events:

  1. Mateo Ivanac, Project Manager of InnovaMare project has participated in webinar: “Preservation of Natural resources, Innovation and Robotics for the development of the economy in the Adriatic-Ionian Region” which was held online on 27th and 29th January 2021. The programme of the webinars promised to analyze and discuss the impact of Covid-19 on three main topics: crisis management and marketing communication, women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and robotics for the preservation of natural resources.
  2. Mateo Ivanac, Project Manager of InnovaMare project has presented the InnovaMare project within the online Interreg Italy-Croatia – Project ECOSS meeting. Presentation was held in session Flash presentations from related Italy-Croatia projects where we presented our among others projects.
  3. Mateo Ivanac, Project Manager of InnovaMare project has presented the InnovaMare project within the online International Seminar on Maritime Science and Technology organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center.
  4. Unioncamere del Veneto took part at the INTERREG ITALY-CROATIA 2021-2027 PROGRAMME CONSULTATION on 16.04.2021 organised by the MA and the JS of the Programs
  5. CNR run and participated in several dissemination events, involving in total 2790 people. In particular: ITEM (Innovazione Tecnologica per la Tutela e Valorizzazione degli Ecosistemi Marini) 13/01/21 -– 87 people
  6. “Coffee with EUMR” at EU Marine Robot – 22/03/21 – 29 people
  7. H2020 Innovation Action " Grant Agreement 101004221 – 16/04/21 -– 18 people
  8. Effects of anthropogenic pressure on marine ecosystems; at EGU21- 30/04/21 – – 43 people
  9. High Level Events; by Interreg ITA HR MARLESS – 16/06/21 -– 91 people
  10. CNR joined Salone Nautico, the most important boat show in town From 29/05/21 to 06/06/21, (
  11. CNR set up an exhibition involving several projects including InnovaMare and the prototype of the SWAMP. Salone Nautico reached more than 30.000 people and the CNR exhibition involved 2522 people.

Promotion of InnovaMare project on National television:

  1. InnovaMare project has been presented on the Croatian national television, HRT, in show More!
  2. Strategic project InnovaMare has been presented in mozaic programm “Dobro jutro Hrvatska” (Dobro Jutro, Hrvatska) on Croatian Television!

InnovaMare on social media


  • 344 fans
  • 702 total views of the page
  • 52 published posts have generated 1,403 interactions


  • 2,698 impressions


  • 48 published posts
  • 927 interactions


  • 19 subscribers
  • 2,097 impressions
  • 25 published videos


  • 99 following
  • 51 published tweets
  • 241 engagements

Target groups:

  • Conducted interviews regarding the technology offer and technology request: 40 stakeholders participated
  • Interviews with different stakeholders from the Map of excellence

Target groups have also been present at all the project events:

  • Breaking the surface in Biograd na Moru held in September and October 2020.
  • Innovations international summit in Trieste (was held online) held in November 2021.
  • Web training about Living lab held in February 2021.
  • Roundtable with policy makers in Venice held online in February 2021.
  • Train the trainers and business modules on Innovation management Trieste held online in April 2021.
  • Roundtable with policy makers held online and in Zadar together with project SUSHI DROP in April 2021.
  • Conceptual design workshop held online in May 2021.
  • Train the trainers and business modules on Intellectual property rights held online in June 2021.
  • Webinar on design thinking process as an introduction to design thinking workshops held in June 2021.
  • Train the trainers and business modules on Innovation ecosystem held online in June 2021.
  • Train the trainers and business modules on New business models held online in June 2021.
  • The analysis of the conducted interviews is available in the deliverable D4.1.2. Position paper on offer and request in robotic and sensors and all the conclusion from the held events are available in documents and events reports that are confidential and therefore not published on this website.

InnovaMare project activities implementation progress

Throughout July – December 2021., partnership consortium got the opportunity to enhance its knowledge, improve its skills and participate in different educations online and on-site.

July is a month in which we have prepared for the second reporting period and created deliverables D1.3.1. Activities progress reports 2, D1.3.2. Monitoring report 4 and D2.2.3. Social Media Marketing reports 4.

We were educated online on the topic of Innovation and environmental sustainability 9.-13.7. Later on, we got the opportunity to participate in Living lab training that was held online and in Bari 14.-16. While creating the web platform, project partners, external experts, and potential stakeholders and members were involved in the Focus group testing on 21.7.2021. We got the opportunity to participate in online Design thinking workshop 26.-30.7.2021.

As a part of the WP5 and activity 2 Pilot I. – creating a prototype that is an innovative robotic solution, project partners FER and ISMAR delivered D5.2.1. Preliminary conceptual design of multi-functional robotic and sensor solutions.

In August we have created deliverable D5.1.2. Report on Training in Bari of PP on LL.

In September, the project InnovaMare consortium was given the opportunity to presentation the project at the event organized by the JS Biennale cinema of the Veneto Region in Lido (Venice). In the same month, we have organized train the trainers and business modules. The first one was on the topic of Technology transfer and was held online from 7. -10.9. and the second one was organized in Šibenik from 14.-16.9. covering the topic of Spin-offs. The same month, project partner FER has organized Breaking the surface, an international interdisciplinary workshop on marine robotics during which we have organized one InnovaMare side event, press visit, and 3rd SCOM.

In October we have created two deliverables concerning communication activities – Social Media Marketing reports 5 and D2.2.4. Video- storytelling but also get the opportunity to present project InnovaMare and its aim and results at the Blue Growth Investment Conference_Interreg Mediterranean_19.-20.10.2021._presentation of the project and future Adriatic Centre of Excellence for underwater robotics and sensors. Once again, this month was also the opportunity for capacity building which was done during the business education module that was held online 12.-14.10.2021 on the subject of digital transformation, and later we got the opportunity to think outside the box and discuss the establishment of DIH at the Design thinking workshop held in Šibenik from 25.-29.10.2021.

November was the month in which we got the opportunity to see how the innovation ecosystem is functioning successfully during our study visit in Norway in NTNU University that was organized from 14.-18.11.2021. Project partners have prepared reports with the conclusion from our workshops and meeting so they have produced deliverables D4.3.2.Business education modules joint report, D4.3.2.Train the trainers’ joint report, D2.4.2. Reports on 2ndBTS and A3 D1.3.7. Minutes of the 4th SCOM in Šibenik. In this month we have finished with financial reporting and registred and created D1.4.2. Financial Reports (FR) & Payment Claims (PC) 2. We have finished November with the organization of the Business game that was an additional online wrap-up event after the Design thinking workshop in Šibenik for defining the services of the DIH, 30.11. and 1.12.2021.

December, the end of the year 2021. was finished with the creation of the deliverable D4.1.4. Design thinking workshops final report.


*All deliverables are documents that are classified as confidential but are available to JS or MA upon request and have been delivered through SIU system.