Become a part of the enthusiastic partnership consortium that will jointly develop and establish an innovation ecosystem model in the area of underwater robotics and sensors for purposes of monitoring and surveillance sector with a mission-oriented on the sustainability of the Adriatic Sea

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Don’t miss a chance to enhance your knowledge on a different topic that will be presented by top experts in the field of – Intellectual property rights, New business models, Technology transfer, Innovation ecosystem, Innovation, and environmental sustainability, and Digital transformation.

The human capacity building program will be consisted of training the trainers where scientific research institutions in the consortium will have workshops on relevant topics and they will develop skills so they can continue to train other stakeholders when DIH is established. In addition, business education modules shall be developed and stakeholders from the business sector will be gathered and educated in themes that are relevant in cooperation between them as well as with scientific-research institutions.

The main goals of the training are:

  • to explain each stakeholder its roles and position in each part of an innovation ecosystem,
  • gather inputs based on know-how regarding collaboration activities,
  • to bring new ways of cooperation on the principle of the triple helix model in the innovation ecosystem that will lead to the development of new products


Find out more about the Living lab concept and how to get a chance to actively participate.

The InnovaMare project intends to establish a Living Lab in the Adriatic Sea. Living Lab is a research concept, representing an open-innovation ecosystem that integrates research and innovation processes within a public-private-people partnership. LL generates the opportunity to start a co-creation and technology transfer between R&D institutions and SMEs. LL concept ensures the joint creation, exploration, and evaluation of innovative ideas or concepts through the pilots i.e. real-life use cases.


Secure your spot on the Design thinking workshops by pre-registration via our email address!

By participating in two online design thinking workshops, project partners and stakeholders will have insight into results from the mapping of requests and offers and the presentation of best practices. Based on these insights, together with their experience, they will define growth areas for Digital innovation HUB. The workshops are designed to provide us inputs from stakeholders on defining needs to create services from which they will benefit through the established DIH.


Meet the most prominent world experts in the field of robotics on the international event Breaking the surface!

BTS is a summer workshop that encourages interaction and the exchange of knowledge and experience about the field of maritime robotics and its applications. BTS is a central place to showcase maritime technologies and cooperation and collaboration of the private and scientific sector. Learn more here:

The calendar of the events is available HERE.

Registration for the events will be available on this page with all the additional information. After registration, the link for the training and the agenda will be delivered via email.

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