Innovation ecosystem and networking

Europe is at the beginning of biggest transformation in history and it is all based on understanding that the way we use limited natural resources for maintaining and improving our living standard in Europe and in the world has come to an end. It is crucial to start improving business and society but to do it on more sustainable and innovative way thru digital and green transformation. Based on this notion the crucial aspect that we don’t have is time but on the other hand thru all data it shows that knowledge, infrastructure and experience is existing but it is insufficiently connected, facilitated and focused throughout Europe and this is why we need more networked approach. In that context we see Innovamare as an ecosystem of excellence that is specialized in facilitation of innovation players in blue economy.

By becoming a member of DIH Innovamare our innovation ecosystem will provide you:
– asigned technology brokerage agent who will understand your needs, expertise and potential market
– promotion and advocay of your organisation in many different events that are organized by Innovamare or our partners
– promotion through our community and web platform
– involvement in co-creation of project proposals, investments or other type of activities with other members of our community
– services of our technical partners on special prices or for free
– support in organisation of different activities important for your organisation

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