2018 Innovamare Vision

The year 2018 was marked by the development of the project idea, creating a vision that will be present during implementation of the InnovaMare project.

Europe is at the beginning of biggest transformation in history and it is all based on understanding that the way we use limited natural resources for maintaining and improving our living standard in Europe and in the world has come to an end. It is crucial to start improving business and society but to do it on more sustainable and innovative way through digital and green transformation of blue economy.

What problems to solve regarding the Adriatic Sea? In what way? Because the Adriatic Sea is facing major impacts from overfishing and pollution. Solid waste, direct discharge of wastewater and oil pollution are key negative factors for the degradation of coastal and marine ecosystems.

The crucial aspect that we don’t have is time but on the other hand thru all data it shows that knowledge, infrastructure and experience is existing but it is insufficiently connected, facilitated and focused throughout Europe and this is why we need more networked approach. In that context we see Innovamare as an ecosystem of excellence that is specialized in facilitation of innovation players in blue economy.

Our vision is: „Innovation ecosystem innovamare as a leading cross-border center of cooperation, knowledge transfer and technology for the development of new innovative solutions in blue technologies.“

It refers to the strong cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Italy with the aim to solve social and environmental challenges that threaten our Adriatic Sea.