Seminar Protecting and monitoring the ocean – the Nordics

We are pleased to inform you that InnovaMare is part of the European Ocean Monitoring and Protecting seminar, which focuses on the Nordics.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 in Trondheim, Norway, during NTNU Ocean Week. Ocean Autonomy Cluster organizes the seminar in partnership with European Investment Bank, Blue Invest, DG Mare, and strategic project InnovaMare.

The seminar will present current and future challenges and solutions related to the ocean and the blue economy. It aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders to discuss potential public and private investments in monitoring and protecting the ocean, focusing on the Nordics. The seminar will help stakeholders share knowledge and engage and foster actions by promoting innovative technologies that prevent or solve emerging threats.

The focus of the seminar is on the following:

  1. Showcasing innovative ocean technologies.
  2. Exploring funding possibilities for public and private projects at each stage of development.
  3. Connecting the key stakeholders to share a common vision.

We hope this event’s tangible benefits could be supporting a shared ecosystem for ocean technology in Europe and stimulating new market opportunities linked to the European Green Deal and Digital Transformation. This event is by invitation only. Any questions can be addressed to Ocean Autonomy Cluster, to

Program is available here.

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