The strategic project InnovaMare was presented at the Venice Biennale Cinema

As part of this year’s International Venice Film Biennale, Interreg program Italy – Croatia has organized a presentation of strategic projects, their achievements and results

Project InnovaMare was honoured to be part of this fantastic event and it has been presented at Biennale cinema space of the Veneto Region in Lido (Venice) on 2nd September 2021. The InnovaMare project and its results, direction and development were presented by the project manager Mateo Ivanac from the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness of the European cross-border cooperation program Italy – Croatia and its projects, as well as to improve the knowledge of media representatives on the use of EU funds, emphasizing their contribution to the development of industry and society as a whole.

“The results are very visible and ready for application in the field of underwater robotics and sensors already now, halfway through the project. Thus, in the first year of the project, through the activities so far, about 4.5 thousand companies, scientific research institutions and decision makers are involved. Workshops and trainings were held for all stakeholders with the aim of developing the necessary skills and knowledge to support innovations and new solutions, and the development of a central web platform is underway, “said Ivanac, who sent a clear message through the presentation and implementation cooperation and networking of stakeholders because it is through projects that valuable solutions can be found and a joint mission of sustainability of the Adriatic Sea achieved.

“The presence and support of the media in the implementation of the project is more than necessary in order for joint cooperation to send information to end users and increase the availability and visibility of valuable project results. This event has just contributed to the strengthening of mutual cooperation, which with media support will gain its true value, “concluded Ivanac.

By the way, the InnovaMare project is designed to develop and establish a model of innovation ecosystem in the field of underwater robotics and sensors for the purposes of monitoring, control and monitoring of pollution in the Adriatic Sea. The value is 5.6 million euros, and its partner consortium consists of 14 partners from Croatia and Italy. One of the main challenges of the InnovaMare project is, through a multidisciplinary approach and cooperation between the public and private sectors, to encourage the development of new tools, processes and technology and contribute to increasing competitiveness in the field of Blue Economy. The main result of the proven project will be the establishment of DIH (Digital Innovation HUB) for underwater robotics and sensors and the Living Lab in the Adriatic Sea.