The Innovamare project is declared the “Blue Champion” of the European Union!

Author: European Investment Bank (EIB)

Author: European Investment Bank (EIB)

Yesterday in Luxembourg, as part of the “EIB Venture Debt & Advisory Summit“, the presentation of the winners of the Blue Champions public call was held, among which was DIH Innovamare.

EU Blue Champion” is an initiative of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank which selects 20 innovative companies, projects, and initiatives that the European Commission and the EIB consider to best contribute to the development of the blue economy in the EU. Selected projects will be provided with EIB advisory services for defining project financing models, developing business models, and creating partnerships at the EU level. Each project should demonstrate the potential for a strong contribution to the EU mission “Renew our oceans and waters” and achieve three goals: the restoration of marine and freshwater ecosystems, the elimination of pollution, and the decarbonization of the blue economy.

The key elements of the Innovamare project include the development and construction of infrastructure, namely the Center of Competence in Marine Technologies in Šibenik and the Technological Park for Marine Technologies at the University of Zadar. Likewise, the procurement of innovative technological equipment, the establishment of test locations, the development and prototyping of marine technologies are planned for the mentioned infrastructure. In addition to the above, a key part of the project is raising awareness of the impacts of the blue economy and the need for digital and green transformation, which will be carried out in cooperation with the E1 Blue Acceleration Festival, demonstrations of cleaning with innovative underwater technologies and restoration of the marine ecosystem with divers as part of the E1 Blue Impact program, and employment of 20 researchers.

The project is of exceptional importance for Croatia and the Adriatic-Ionian region, as well as for the development of a sustainable blue economy, which is key to the realization of the EU Green Plan.

The digital innovation HUB Innovamare aims to become a central place for technology transfer, strengthening cooperation and connecting stakeholders on a cross-border and transnational level from the public, private and scientific research sectors for the development, testing and validation of marine technologies with the mission of the sustainability of the Adriatic Sea. The key founders and members of DIH are 6 largest scientific and research organizations, 7 supporting institutions and local and regional authorities and 4 companies from Italy and Croatia. Within its ecosystem, DIH is constantly working to secure financing, generate income for further investments and develop technological solutions for the digital and green transformation of the blue economy.

Digital Innovation HUB Innovamare submitted the project as part of the public call for “Blue Champions”, and this achieved success is only a confirmation that everything done within DIH has a future and the support of institutions that will help us achieve our mission, which is sustainable blue economy.

We thank all our partners, DIH Innovamare members and stakeholders of our innovation ecosystem for their support and look forward to the further development of our blue community!

Learn more about DIH Innovamare here.

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