Enhancing Europe’s Blue Economy: Interreg’s role in advancing sustainable regional collaboration

Interreg has been crucial in enhancing cross-border cooperation to support regional development enriched with sustainable economic practices across different regions in Europe.

The research paper State of Interregional Cooperation and Collaboration in the European Union and in Croatia focuses specifically on the applications of these initiatives within the blue economy sectors, including maritime activities, fisheries, renewable energy, coastal tourism, and different blue economy sectors.

Authors Mateo Ivanac, Jan Laszowski, and Luka Lasinović have emphasized the significance of interregional cooperation in advancing the blue economy but also points to opportunities for improvements that can lead to more efficient and sustainable use of maritime resources across the European Union and its neighbouring regions. The paper provides valuable insights into both the achievements and ongoing challenges, suggesting ways in which countries like Croatia can further capitalize on these collaborative frameworks to bolster their economic and environmental objectives.

Read the full paper HERE.

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