2nd InnovaMare roadshow held in Venice

The second Roadshow was held in Venice, Italy, from May 31 to June 1, 2022 and was organized by Project Partner UCV – Unioncamere Veneto, with visit to the Venice Boat Show and to the University of Padova and its spin-off company.

The InnovaMare Community (Italian and Croatian stakeholders, researchers and institutions) gathered again to explore new opportunities for strengthening strategies to develop an innovative ecosystem model in the area of ​​underwater robotics, also by participating to upcoming EU calls.

The opening remarks gave Mateo Ivanac, InnovaMare Project Manager (CCE). It continued with opening presentation named “Adriatic Sea pollution: an economic problem” which was delivered by Francesca de Pascalis from ISMAR and it was an introduction to the topic, how to ensure long-term sustainability of the Adriatic Sea. It provoked an exchange of opinion, opened discussion and widened possibilities of cross-border cooperation between Italy and Croatia.

It included all participants in networking activities over a World Café Event for designing contents for future calls for proposals focusing on the Marine pollution prevention and micro plastics, Environmental monitoring and Technological innovation. In the afternoon, in the framework of  the Venice Boat Show at the Arsenale, was organized a conference by the Interreg projects InnovaMare and FUTURE 4.0 on the wide topics of Industry 4.0 and Innovation for the Blue Economy. The aim was to explore the potential of the Blue Economy for regional growth, advanced technologies, and skills for sustainable development.

On the second day, participants joined in Padova in visit to University of Padova. They attended presentation in Wireless and More, a spin-off company tackling the various challenges posed by wireless communications in underwater acoustic as well as presentation of the University activities on circular and sustainable waste management.

Activities in Venice represented an important opportunity for networking, discovering new sustainable business models, learning best practices from experts and companies and building up new consortiums to apply for future calls in the Blue economy sectors.

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